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Saturn emus are utter pish. Just to boot up Sega Rally it took me 30 minutes, on a P3-800 :P

BTW, the X-Box is NOT just a stripped down PC.. the architechture won't be PC-AT based. This means it needs not to retain stupid compatibility with XTs and shit. It's a different hardware, though very similar to a machine of the PC-AT platform.

That AmigaOS thing Drake mentioned sounds like that freesource AmigaOS remake. What was its name?

Anyway, the next big thing to me will be the emulation scene going down IN FLAMES and resurrecting. We need a bombing of this whole shit, and new fresh uncorrupted blood. There's actually nothing I;d like to see emulated, just so it turns in a pile of turd like mostly any of today's emus.
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