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Thanks, appreciate it.

I should probably have explained, my set up is a small/basic cinema room. The amp and speakers are at the front of the room and the projector is at the back, ceiling mounted. I've got cable ducts running to the projector but only HDMI and component.

Setting up the Amiga is a nightmare - suddenly the machine and keyboard in one becomes a problem! The machine needs to be in the middle of the room so I can type on it but then I have to run video to the back of the room and up to the ceiling, then phono leads over to the amp.

I can't really set it up elsewhere in the house - missus would say I've got my own room for games/films - and she would be right

I was also thinking the FPGA Arcade looks really good. AGA is nice, plus it has DVI out, which will easily convert to HDMI for my set up. I could use one with a wireless keyb and a joystick extension cable, should work a treat.
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