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Playing AGA games on Winuaex v18 on Xbox?

I have problems with Winuaex v18 on Xbox when I should play AGA games!

Hello everyone!

I have a problem with Winuaex v18 on my old Xbox (not 360).

If I try to load a AGA game or CD32 zip-file, the emulator hangs up. I have even tried Winuaex v14, but it´s the same problem. I have all the roms I should have in the "rom" folder and everything so that shouldnt be the problem. All the other games that are not AGA runs smoothly though, but everytime it comes to AGA it hangs up... Is there some kind of adjustment or what? The screen just turns dark/grey an hangs up...

Is there anyone out there who know what´s wrong or plays AGA games on this emulator on Xbox?

Regards, Robert

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