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Originally Posted by JACK98 View Post
Serious question,more and more i read about components failing on old machines,i know this is down to age along with use and their environment they where stored in,but are we facing a slow death on these machines,will the components eventually fail and make it scarce replacements for these machines?.
This is why it's important to re-make the original motherboard in modern components.

If you're talking about a timespan of 10 years or so, then no. In 50 years, then likely any hardware that has been cared for that starts failing will have no suitable replacable component, and CPUs and tiny memory chips that work will be worth their weight in gold.

As for a more generic 'will support/fandom of retro still be there in 50 years', well, I'd say it depends on how 'retro' the platform is. Amiga isn't quite retro enough, sad to say. It's too useful and has features not camp enough (high resolutions, many colors) so that it's in between camp retro and useless 'use and throw' computers. As for these last ones, it's hard to see them being cared for, there's not a 'platform' per se to gather round.
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