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1541 clone + 1581 write only


Quick summary:
I can "new" disks. I can save files. No flashing red LED at the end of disk ops. I can't then get a dir listing for the new disks. I have a BlueChip BCD5.25 and a c1581 3.5" drive. I can new, and save files but can't pull up a dir listing afterwards. What am I doing wrong?

Long Summary:
I've just dug my old Blue Chip BCD5.25 (1541 clone) and my c1581 out of storage. I've been using a retro replay for a few years. Anyway. I pulled the two drives out, gave the heads a clean with some metho spirits to get rid of the general spooge and chocolate fingers residue and plugged them in with the RRcart and other userport expansions disconected.

With both my breadbox c64 and 1541, I can New a disk in either drive with
OPEN15,8,15,"N0:quux,01":CLOSE 15

Both drives chuff away merrily for a while and finish without any flashing LED's. I can then go query the channel and it's "OK" no error. Yay! I can then write a quick 5 line basic program and do a:


Works fine. Then do a NEW to flush memory then do a:

..and both drives sit there. Never return.

I can "sometimes" hit RUNSTOP and it'll drop to BASIC promptm then do a LIST, but it returns nothing.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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