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Originally Posted by _psy View Post
trying to run this demo the 100 most remembered c64 game tunes by Sundell & Birk

i download the adf and with tsgui i write it to floppy , then i tried all the combinations and the NDOS disk doesn't boot ,tried Tude , skick , relokick latest versions (all of them works and display the 1.3 rom hand-disk image but the disk don't boot at all ,it shows the hand disk again as soon as the disk try to boot (tried different disk with verify enable on writing) , digipaint disk that i tried boot ok . In winuae the disk works ok
any suggestions?

ok downloaded from here :

and the other image appears to be corrupt , this works and it try to make it work with degraders now
Its a standard AmigaDOS disk with Interferon virus protector on the bootblock, and the bootblock checksum is correct.

Theres no reason for it not to work.
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