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Knobelix with interesting cracktro

Hi everyone,

if you check out the attached game (1 EXE file; should run on any OCS/ECS machine) you'll notice an interesting crack intro by DefJam. Regarding this intro, I have two questions...

1st: Is anyone able to rip the soundtrack or does anyone know where I can find it? I tried to rip it with WinUAE's ProWizard and with Exotic Ripper on a real Amiga - both failed. I managed to rip some kind of Protracker/Noisetracker module, but the samples are completely messed up.

2nd: In the intro text thery mention "DEFPACK 4.0". Assuming they talk about DefJam Packer, I just wonder if this version ever appeared. Because the only I'm aware of is v3.2.

PS.: Does anyone else doubt that this game even needed to be cracked?
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