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I wrote an AMAL interpreter in Clickteam's Jamagic from 2002-2003. (Clickteam was co-founded by Fran├žois Lionet of AMOS fame.)
I demoed it as part of my "Project Myqu" at the Clickteam convention in Hemel Hempstead in 2003 (details), which was an attempt at an AMOS to Jamagic source translator. This died with Jamagic. Fran├žois liked it though!

My original AMAL interpreter was a bit more complete than this alpha, which I recently rewrote in Java from my Jamagic source base. (Much of it was originally written in AMOS itself and converted to Jamagic with "Myqu"!)

The shift in languages (to Java) let a few bugs in, which I'd like to eradicate. The sprite engine wrapper (using JGame) will also need a rewrite to match the sophistication of my Jamagic original.

When it's fully working, I'll release the source under a permissive BSD-style license, for the Amiga community to exploit as they wish (so long as my work is credited).

Now all we need is Java support under AROS

Unless I rewrite the whole thing (jAMAL) in C++ (maybe some day - would be easier than going from Jamagic to Java).

P.S. I just found this old heated discussion concerning my very own Project Myqu. Oh boy! I guess converting Amiga software to PC is offensive to some

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