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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Oooh... might have to consider getting one.... but where to find one in the UK?

I guess consoles that old would be susceptible to RROD? Can you even get the Jasper (was that the fixed version of the mobo?) that old?
Brought a Jtagged xbox, after i SAW with my own eyes what a jtagged xbox opens.
You can install your "backups" on an external HDD, and play your Live "backups" games from the Internal one.
No more loading time, or disk swapping hassle.
I think a jtagged xbox is incredible (. But also you have These emulators on it
Final burn
Mame (not very good)
Pcengine(not tried)
Nes (not tried)
Maybe others.
Just connect a 2TB external hard disk, and you are in heaven.

I brought one from the UK, with a Falcon revision, not jasper.
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