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i use this on my A1200

it has a flat design, solid feel and auto-fire for all buttons,

i cant recommend it enough, i have used one for years

infact i have just bought another one for my daughter, we like a game of wiz n liz!

Originally Posted by LuMan View Post
Sega pads work a treat! I just hauled one out of storage to plug into my A1200T after stumbling across an old copy of Alien Breed - Tower Assault (YAY!! ).

Never realised this before, but the '3' button (or the 'C' button on some pads) activates the 'retreat mode' so you can run backwards while lasering the scales off the nasties!!

Go on, give AB-TA a bash!! You know you'll love it
yeah it makes ABTA a lot easier, i have been playing it recently and seem to get further than ever before... the graphics are really good and varied, the detail is pretty good too

not to mention the various routes you can take, ABSE92 was my favourite but ABTA is steadily replacing it

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