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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Piracy

It's nice to have legal copies of games because there's no guilt. I used to pirate a lot in my younger days but now I prefer to stay as legal as possible. Unfortunately most of the Amiga games will never be released freely because many software houses/developers have gone out of business and it'd take ages to track people down. Therefore, the only option is to avoid those games completely and watch them fade into obscurity* or choose to break the law in the name of preservation. (But, most people probably just want to play free games.)

Arrr... arrr! Must resist the urge to pirate!

Did I ever tell you how pretty I look wearing an eye patch? It's quite becoming. No! Must forgot past... must.... must....

* Or wait 75 years for the copyright to expire, but you probably won't care about games any more or you'll be dead.**

** Life isn't fair sometimes. ***

*** But that doesn't mean you should get depressed. ****

**** There are drugs for that.*****

***** Shut up.
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