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RCK, Godflesh is so accustomed to censoring anything that does not strike his fancy that he feels he has the right to go around to other forums and tell them what can be discussed there and what cannot. The way I understand it is, once you become a public figure (such as running a web site and/or (alleged) ftp site), you become a target of public opinion. There are no rules that all comments about public figures can only be good. Only a megalomaniac would think that censoring all opinions except for good ones is an acceptable policy.

Godflesh, if you can't take the fact that people have differing viewpoints and opinions other than your own, perhaps you should go private. You want all of the glory that comes with having 'the biggest Amiga FTP site', but you can't accept the fact that there is a price to pay for that. All actors must deal with bad reviews, all musicians, all politicians, etc. - deal with it, bud! You cannot control the way we think and you cannot control our right to communicate what we think to each other. You are not being slandered as an individual. Your actions are. If everyone were like you, every time we mentioned how bad a game was, the programmers would be in here demanding that our viewpoints be censored. Think what the world would be like then. A dictatorship. Which is what you apparently support. Thanks goodness this forum does not support such primitive, archaeic thinking. And don't forget, too, that you created our opinions of you by your actions at your forum.

RCK has been very cordial with you and worked with you on your requests. He has done most of what you requested (because he decided to, not because you ordered it!), but he has chosen not to censor our opinions the way you do to users of your forum. Deal with it. If you have a product (and you do), you cannot demand that people only say nice things about it. Next thing you know, you'll be demanding that all of the low score votes for AEN at AmigaMOS be removed.
Instead supporting me to make something really big and usfull to a lot of people, some of you only run your mouth without knowing the real facts.
Supporting you? Like how, for example. How soon you forget that at one time, we did support you. What did we get in return? Censorship.
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