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Originally Posted by vroom6sri View Post
Presumably you need one of those re-kick programs to do this or it MapRom the actual program that does it?
The MapROM function can be activated with the ACAtune tool that I'll put up on the web page in the next one or two days. You can copy the contents of the kickstart rom into ram with the tool - this would work without a re-boot.

The second possibility is to load a kickstart file from harddisk. This only takes a fraction of a second, and the kickstart file can even be 1M in size, just like the ones floating around for Kickstart 3.5 or Kickstart 3.9.

I still haven't updated the web page with the ACA1230 description, but the ACAtune options are the same as for the ACA630, including the tuning/timing options, cache on/off and such. You're getting quite a set of options with this tiny card!

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