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Originally Posted by fgh View Post
Todays cellphone GPU's are more capable than the playstation 2. So I imagine the 2D graphics performance required to enable 1920x1080 or similar resolution should be available from cellphone-sized chips.
Cellphone sized chips eh...

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
What else than GPU and RAM would a simple graphics card consist of?
DC-DC power regulation. Data bus voltage converters. FPGA/CPLD to implement a data bus bridge (680x0 to PCI/PCIe). Possibly a Video DAC if it is not integrated into GPU.

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
By the way, how unrealistic would a 1920x1080 desktop resolution be on an old amiga upgraded with 68030 and a modern RTG card?
I guess it depends where the scene composition was taking place. I speculate that you are limited to how Picasso96 works to a double frame buffer with hardware blitter. Perhaps you could map areas of the GPU RAM as FastRAM but I'm sure that 1920x1080 requires considerably higher bandwidth than is possible to push an entire screens worth of pixels around in one VBL using the 030 data bus.

I honestly don't know how this stuff works in general, let alone the Amiga world.

Oliver A will know. I'm curious to know.

Originally Posted by fgh View Post
I can just imagine such a machine, booting up to a nice whdload frontend displayed on the HDTV.
Pointless unless you can display the AGA video data to the HDTV. That means you would need to integrate a scan doubler and monitor switcher into the design too!

You're leaving the realms of what is practical and entering NatAmi territory.

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