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Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
There is no support for any console platform outside of the original xbox, and even that is dead now I think.
It is now on a separate fork but it is being developed. In part by a member of this Forum. BuZz.

Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
XBMC was an awesome media player....5 years ago. Now there's so many other set-top media player boxes for a fraction of the price of a pc build that you really aren't gaining anything going with it.
Any come to mind? Through work I've tried AppleTV (1 & 2) both suck majorly. I've tried Boxee (which uses XBMC) and that is average to poor, WD TV-Live+ and that crashes quite often with the current firmware. All the D-Link boxes and all work but are clunky, poor interface, a few unsupported codecs.

The O!Play HD2 looks interesting... might see if work will buy one... for experimental purposes.

I was going to try and build a HTPC for around £200 and it could double as a games console for most low end PC games but noise has always put me off. Never been able to find the right components to make a silent HTPC for within budget.

Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
I will take Netflix and Hulu over Youtube any day.
Never tried either of those two services. Are they free? Available outside the UK?

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