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If you don't want to buy Devpac (which is always my number one choice), I say you should go for PhxAss which is available free on Aminet

If you want to code C, the best would have to be Sas/C 6.xx . Otherwise, you could always try Storm C (produces large executables, even with heavy optimisation), Hisoft C, Dice (which I still love and is found free on Aminet).

3) Just a few. I know only clickboom ( but there's another one (who is converting Worms Armaggedon, for one)

I remember me that assembly language whas a lot easyer on the 68000 than the 'Intel inside'.
I actually found x86 assembly to be alot easier, but that's cause I have alot of experience with it.

I'm refreshing right now with 680x0 assembly
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