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Post Legal Game Downloads (List)

I'm compiling a list of legal sites for ex-commercial software. Unfortunately I've noticed that some of the download links don't work anymore, but there's still some good stuff to be had. Also, many of the sites haven't been updated in ages.

Here's what I have so far. Please add your own links.

Amiga Legal Emulation
This site has the entire (?) Assassins collection.

Ami Sector One
I think we're all familiar with this one. Tons of good games here. Last updated on Dec 23, 2001.

Amiga Arena
Some full version games, including Vulcan Software's "Burnout", "Time Keepers" and the adventure game, "Valhalla 3".

Amiga CD Legal Dumping Projekt
Full CD games for burning. So far they have: Chuck Rock, Premiere, Banshee, Super Putty, IK+, Myth, Oldtimer (German) and Beneath a Steel Sky.

German web site with some good games like Pinball Fantasies CD32.

Back To The Roots
What!? I've never heard of this site before. The preeminent legal emulation site.

Borrowed Time
Assassins collection and 16 games like Soccer Kid, Cool Croc Twins and Oscar. Some links don't work though.

Factor 5
Developers Factor 5 have released a few games to the public: Katakis, R-Type and BC Kid (guess where I got my avatar from?). They also offer a Turrican soundtrack and Turrican backup games which you can only download if you own the originals.

Free Amiga Games
The author of this site got permission to release Digital Illusions Pinball series of games and Benefactor.

Gremlin Graphics Worlds
Some Gremlin games which aren't available on BTTR.

Famous demo group, Melon Dezign offer two of their commercial games: Jimmy's Fantastic Journey (includes copy protection diagram in IFF format) and Naughty Ones.

Mental Image
I've never heard of these developers but they've released some of their old games. Two game disk collections (one game has graphics provided by Jeff Minter) and three fruit machine simulators.

Thalion Software Webshrine
Lots of excellent Thalion games, including one of the best platformers ever, Lionheart. (Works perfect under WinUAE.)

World of Classics
This site offers 356 games, many of them not on BTTR. Also includes many Assassins disks.

Well, that's all for now. Got any more?
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