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Djay, sounds interesting. Some great suggestions. Have any links?

Retroman, I've heard you mention this gem of a creation before. I'd have a go at building one myself, but I've got a weak stomach ripping apart vintage hardware. I like retro machines to keep there original look, that's why I won't tower my A1200.

Oscar, thanks for the info. I've seen one or two acceptable MicroATX cases in desktop style. Do I really need an AGP port however? I'm emulating machines no higher than the N64/playstation so the integrated geforce video should be just fine. No latest PC games on this baby!

Hmmm. You might be right however since an integrated board won't have TV-out. Therefore I can either buy a non-integrated mainboard and a cheap geforce 2 card with tv-out, or an integrated mainboard and PCI TV card.
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