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Originally Posted by gibs View Post

Is there some documentation available of the Indivision ECS (in case some people wants to ports games or something else) like Oliver is actually doing for ADOOM ?
Documentation for the framebuffer mode is not yet available. There's a few things that Oliver and I had been talking about, such as increasing the speed of transferring data to the framebuffer. It's not really fast at the moment, because it's going through a chip register which is as slow as chipmem. However, you get the full 3.5M per second even with highest resolutions.

The idea would be to use a simple runlength-encoding with the spare bits that you transfer with every cycle. This would let you transfer up to 16 pixels of 12 bit colour resolution with a single write access, which would surely benefit many games. I'd expect that the gain from the write performance is higher than the loss from the conversion (which would probably fit into the cache of a 68030).

Now that development of the ACA cards is finished, I should push OlĂ­ver to write that documentation and follow up on our thoughts :-)

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