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Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
I must admit that I haven't had to replace a leaking cap on any of the 600s or the one 1200 that I have, but its a different story for PC motherboards where they have swelled and either the top of the can starts to give or the rubber seal on the underside starts to come out. These are generally the larger sized radial caps, especially around the processor socket, you do get the odd smaller ones now and then too. Fractures in the solder in PC power supplies around component legs is another common problem.
Its a sad shame, that nearly all manufacturers cut costs / corners.
They have a habbit of using caps with 85Deg rating in stuff like PSU's.
This is the only reason they fail. If they had stuck 105Deg caps in stuff, you would not get this problem.

Other problems that can cause venting, is using under rated PSU. The caps in psu vent, causing ripples on the DC line.
This in turn takes out the caps on the mobo. Not a nice death, even for a PC Mobo, .

Originally Posted by Allen1 View Post
Sooner or later though, I will change the caps on my Amigas, but only when things start to go wrong and they do need sorting.
Aye, if it aint broke, then dont fix it.
Alot of problems are caused by un-needed messing.

After working 11 years in the electronics repair trade.
I can safely say, radial 105Deg caps will always be my main choice.
Never really get any problems from them.
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