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I know there are some issues with 6 button pads, i think they work, but only certain buttons.

Mine is a 3 button pad, the D-Pad works as the up, down, left, right on a joystick, the B and sometimes C buttons works as the fire button, Start and A buttons dont do anything it seems. Although i've only played it with games that use Joystick, never played an Amiga game that uses a Pad, not sure if there are any. But there'll be someone else who can give you more info on a 6 button pad.

EDIT: Looked up an old thread i made, from what i can gather, the 6 button pad does work, but as with the 3 button pad, only 2 of the buttons on it actually work, A and B by the looks. But it appears to work as well as the 3 button one for games.

CD32 pad still seems to be a favourite, but im not sure on price, and if you own a SEGA Megadrive then using its controller on more than 1 platform is brilliant. I wish they had made 360/PS3 controller interchangable.

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