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Originally Posted by MrDBUG View Post
Btw is it likely there will be any problem with the RF shield on the A1200 that is sticking up directly below the connector ? I remembered reading some people had issues with that on the e-matrix acc...
It may be a problem with ACA1230, especially because it has a much "meatier" CPU slot connector. We've had some A1200's that had the upper RF shield bent, where installation was fairly hard - the bending migh have happened because of hard pressure to the keyboard, but that's just speculation.

Since I knew about this possibility, I have ordered the PCBs with the edge at an angle, so it will slide under the RF shield easier. Also, there are no critical traces on the PCB in the area where the RF shield may scratch the card - it's only a GND area, where contact to the RF shield means "GND connected to GND", so no worries there.

In some cases, you might need to open the computer and fix the RF shield.

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