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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
What I could do is pop your Hard Drive in my A1200, boot from it, install Compact Flash Drivers from Floppy and make a backup of the contents of your drive to a CF card, access it in my WinUAE setup and and transfer the files to an empty HDF that I can send to you via MSN, FTP or even burn to a CD for you.
If you want an exact image of the drive, you should create the HDF already on the Amiga from the original disk. Use TSGUI to create a HDF in RDB mode which means that the entire drive with all partitions will be put into one HDF.

Or, if you want to save space and stick with copying files, you should make a VHD file rather than a HDF (WinUAE calls it "dynamic HDF"). This way the image file takes up only as much space as the files it contains but is as accurate as a fixed-size HDF.

Note that if you copy Amiga files to a FAT formatted CF card, you loose file comments and protection bits. Better use an Amiga archiver like LhA to archive files with all their attributes. Or make a HDF like described above.
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