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Originally Posted by 8bitbubsy View Post
Hi and welcome, skeediddley

I really like that the Amigas aren't completely forgotten! It's indeed a very nice machine for doing sampling and having the "raw" output sound with no fancy reverb, compression, surround and so on. It's perfect for doing live mixes, use it as a cheap sample trigger or beat runner.

Speaking of trackers, I am currently rewriting ProTracker into C open source, so if you run Windows (or GNU/Linux with some compilation experience) then you can enjoy a little nostalgic trip to the golden days by playing some MODs while having the authentic ProTracker interface and stuff. You can track with it but several hotkeys are yet not implemented, and there are no "load sample" or "save module" functions yet. Please take a visit here:

I'm sure you'll get some sentimental moments if you used this tracker a lot back in the days. Maybe you have some MODs you can play in it? Press the "DISK OP." button to load MODs.
haha! magic. Im on mac, but Ill give it a whizz in windows7 in parallels.


Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Hi skeediddley, and welcome to EAB!

Congratulations on having the good sense to keep your Amiga from back in the day and having upgraded it to a more useful spec.

So, how much did an A1200 with such a hard drive cost back then?

Any chance of posting some teaser samples from your forthcoming 8-bit album as you make progress?
If my memory serves me - I think I blew almost £900 on the whole package: Amiga A1200, 209M HD, Phillips monitor, External floppy, GVP Sampler, Trilogic midi interface and a copy of sensi soccer (would've been rude not to.)

I shall indeed post some mods, mp3s and pics as the album progresses.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

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