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Originally posted by Frederic
4 or 5 killer apps and nothing else?
You have absolutely NO idea what you are talking about.
Yes I have. You find it right that Apple pulls a Microsoft and forces users to "upgrade" to this new bloat OS X? Users will have to upgrade machines too for it to run smoothly, so I see the point in this new move.

The OSX-only apps out there which are relly good are STONKIN and WELL WORTH THE UPGRADE!
However, why force users to leave OS9 behind? If you don't have a super-duper fast G4, OS X doesn't run as nice as it should, and one (me!) might preffer to boot a slightly older OS9 app for performance's sake.

Every Mac user used to load his Mac with an OS one or two revisions OLDER than the max his Mac could take... For performance's sake!

I don't like this move at all. I don't see how will it affect me in my purchse of the iBook. I really want that bastard but I deny to be forced to boot just OSX... What has happened to all that "freedom" Apple used to give?
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