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Soooo glad I didn't sell my miggy!

Hi all.

I'm a composer/producer by trade, and naturally was absolutely blown away the first time I saw/heard an amiga running a tracker back in the late 80s. I was sold, and blew every penny I had on an amiga a1200 with the biggest hard drive in the world - a 209mb internal ide hd.

I used an amiga for everything up until around 1995, and composed some of my best stuff on it. Even released a few tracks that were recorded straight out of miggys butt!

Then, the world of professional studios took over, and I was more or less forced towards cubase on cough cough atari, then pcs, 16 bit akai samplers and eventually macs and logic. The amiga went Into the studio cupboard and has stayed there until now.

To it's credit - much studio kit has come and gone in that time - but miggy has stayed. The akai s900 that replaced her, was itself replaced by the 2000, then a 3000, then several 3200xls. They have now All been replaced by software samplers and have all been sold for a pittance.

And here comes the full circle: I'm now working on an 8bit album! The beautiful crunch of Paula and the sublime squeals of SID have been discovered by a new generation and are reborn. Wooohoooooo . An excuse to fire up protracker once more!

So.. Miggy is out and has been treated to a 68030/50, a new 4gb cf hd, a PCMCIA transfer card and an LCD monitor. Runs a little faster than it did, Sounds every bit as good as I remember.

Big thanks to everyone here on this forum getting me this far!
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