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Re: Bloodwych needs a Retrosystem Box

Originally posted by Bloodwych
I've decided to invest in the ultimate home entertainment system.

Forget about next gen consoles, here we're talking about a dedicated retro games box!

Yes I know Akira, nothing beats the real thing, but space is an issue. It’ll also be really cool having a retro game console to take around friends’ houses for multiplayer mayhem.

Money is not a limiting factor. A few ideas:

Small form factor PC box. Ideally one of those cube cases with 4 USB ports on the front.

Built in audio/video/LAN.


2 x Arcade style joysticks. 2 x Joypads.


Other possible specs:

Nforce2 chipset (not sure if these are available for small cube cases)
Athlon XP 1600 1.4Ghz (as above)
DVDROM drive

Ok, who's the PC hardware daddy round here?
You can get plenty of decent MicroATX style cases, but just be sure you can upgrade the video. ECS makes some decent MicroATX boards. Just be sure you get one that comes with an AGP port. You can find them, but it'll take some looking around. Everything else is onboard even the video, but it still includes an AGP slot and suports the latest x86 processors.
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