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Next big thing in emulation will be .....

... WHAT?!?

With everything that has already been done in the emu world, what do you think will be next.

We've just had JIT, while it's completely f*cked up WinUAE for now, when it's working 90% it'll prove itself worthy of the title "A Big Thing"

So my question is a simple one ....... What do you think will be next??

My thoughts are to cynical to post here (Such as a completely bug free WinUAE for instance)

My first thoughts were to PS2/Gamecube emulation, but seeing as you need a >450 mhz to run an emulator (Properly) for the 33 mhz PS1 using the same equation you'll need at least a 4.1 Ghz processor to emulate a 300 mhz PS2.

So I'm completely stumped as to what it will be, any of you guys got any idea's??

BTW I know about Amithlon.
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