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Cosmos, where are you finding such generous donors? If the Aros bounties had this kind of support, we'd be sailing! Would you consider rounding up people to help donate towards the very important bounty to have Zune updated to MUI4 standards? I will try to explain why this is such an important bounty.

Zune is the open-source replacement for MUI, the main graphical user interface toolkit used on Amiga systems. Currently Zune is around the same level of features as MUI3.9 (which is what OS4 uses), but MUI4 (for MorphOS) is far more advanced, loaded full of new features and is more configurable than ever before. There are several excellent programs for MorphOS that use these new features in MUI4, such as Ambient (the main desktop) and OWB (the HTML5-compliant Webkit browser) among many others. These programs are open-source, but there is no way they can run on OS3, OS4 or Aros until Zune is sufficiently updated. Remember, Zune is already usable as a replacement for MUI3.8 on OS3, which is how AFAOS works. With an updated Zune, all of our Amiga OSs will be able to share the most up-to-date GUI, making porting applications between them simpler than ever before.

This is the bounty to begin uniting all the splintered factions of the Amiga community.
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