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Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post
=> so, give us a better idea !
Fair enough, we're not trying to bring you guys down or anything, just being realistic. Anyway keep reading and I will give you this 'better idea' you asked for in bold, with the rest explaining the reasoning behind it:

Before you get all carried away with fundraising activities which would supposedly hasten the release of PFS3. It would be a really good idea to actually confirm with the author, before you spend too much energy setting yourself up for disappointment.

Ask gulliver nicely to contact him for you and see what the situation is, and see if money would actually help any, before proceeding.

Because, as unbelievable as it may seem to you, it probably won't. At least not the quantities you are describing. I bet 600-700 Euros is nowhere near compensation for the time he would have to take off work. I am a minimum wage labourer, and I earn more than that if I do a 50 hour week (albeit before tax).

If he has any kind skilled profession then you'd be needing at least twice that much to offer adequate compensation. Besides, he simply might not have the freedom to take the time off even if you offered him ten times as much.

I still think setting up a fund to say thankyou is a nice gesture. If that were your proposal then count me in for a tenner. But that's not what you're talking about now, is it?

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