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Thanks Khephren,
Is the assembler AsmOne strong enough like Devpac 3.x ?
I have seen that the Devpac can now use the op-code of 68060 and from the ppc too.
Is that true ?
If yes, i can buy the AsmOne for learning and then the Devpac for serious stuff !

For the 'LSD Grapevine magazine', is that the same that i can find it at (Amiga Sector One) ? or it is something else ?

Programmer's haeven, i know this url for the pc and i have use it in the past, very good that she have an Amiga section

Yes, Aminet is a very good site, i have downloaded 2 cd-roms through an ftp program for the utils/tools.
I will look after sources.

I remember me that assembly language whas a lot easyer on the 68000 than the 'Intel inside'.
No segmented memory, more registers, modern op-code, ect...
Errors, and crash is not that important when starting to learn good programming language.
At the begining, we do all some very errors, but with more experience...

A day, on pc when i whas learning the programming of Win98 and directx, i have just compiled a source code from Microsoft himself.
A source code from the Directx SDK downloaded from the site of Microsoft.
That cannot be, more Microsoft, and if they can't do a good source code without bugs, nobody can do then (Directx is a Microsoft product too, Like the WB Apis but for Win9x).
First i compile the source code, and 2 errors as been detected (just syntax error, fastly corrected).
Start again, compilation, all ok.
Run the directx demo and ... crash of the system.
I have never programmed for windows again, i am back to Ms-dos.

The difference between Winblows and the Workbench, is ... if your new program that crash the Amiga OS, then you know that is a bug in your code and note in the OS.
With windows xx, you never know, the OS just crash without information, you can just reset

I know the assembly language for pc and i use Masm 6.x on it, i had buy an original Masm with box and manuals for about 170 $ but 6 months later, this software whas not supported anymore by Microsoft, never updated.
I have Borland compiler original (Borland C and Delphi), and full new release of it, but i don't use it anymore.

I use a freeware for dos (flat memory mode) (maybee you know it because there is an Amiga version), Free Pascal compiler, easy to use, easy to learn (compatible 99 % with Turbo-Pascal) and very good executable code

Thanks for your help
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