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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Long-time fan here


on a job well done!

Would you divulge what framework /devchain you use? Looks extremely faithful to the original.

I still think the controls on smartphones have been and likely "since touchscreen" ever will be "not very" suited for classic joystick/joypad controlled, or even FPS-control-like gametypes. Racing games work with tilt+thumb-touch to a degree, but it must be said that zero buttons is a bit fiddly for any game.

Liked your website too, I like it when there's some design-style on a website. BTW, thanks for reminding me to enable snow on one of mine

And apparently I was the first to thumb up the Youtube video, tsk tsk
Thanks Photon really appreciate it.

The framework is all done in c/c++ code and in accordens with Apple iOS 4.2 SDK rules. Taking the original Amiga 68000 code and converting it to the c/c++ framework.

Why not challenge the legendary Amiga coder Martin Pedersen to make a "how to Video", from Amiga to iPhone

ooh by the way, my friend
If you do not already have a ticket to this event, I am sure we can find a way.

Cope-Com at Datastorm 2011

Best of Greetings

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