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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Hi guys,

while writing the manual and taking a few pictures, I noticed that the lid of the A1200 does not close when the ACA1230 is installed, because the CPU is way higher than originally planned due to the socket.

I added the socket fairly late in the design, especially due to requests from users of the a1k forum. I went through all the effort of finding a supplier who can deliver a PGA-128 socket with this pin layout in the year 2010, and now all this work is coming back like a boomerang.

Here are two pictures of the lid modification, in case you don't want to opearate the A1200 without the lid:

Attachment 27248

Attachment 27249

I don't know if I should apologize for not having checked this when I made the decision pro-socket, or if I should be mad at myself 'cause I've listened to the wrong calls. I can't change anything on it at this point.

The only comforting thing: It looks cool.

Attachment 27250

Is that all I have to do. Cut a bit off the internal plastic. That's no big deal at all!!! Still a good call to have socket. Anyone that thinks that small piece of plastic is more important than a socket is nuts. You can just take a pair of pliers and twist the plastic of. Then use a small file for the rough edges.

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