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Midlife crisis?

Hi all,

SHort introduction. My real name is Evert, I was born in the Netherklands, but have also lived in England an now in Turkey.
A few years ago I lost all my childhood-stuff in a fire including my VIC-20, C64, A500 and A1200 including all books, disks, periphirals, etc.
I find myself missing them more an more, which I guess is partly due to the fact that I am entering the age range where a midlife crisis is imminent?

Anyway, I decided to download some emulators and scavenge sites for adf's in order to rebuild my systems virtually.
I always enjoyed programming my C64 and my A500. More than anything I did later in life on PCs. I found that I have forgotten a lot though. But I am thinking it would be fun to try and backport some modern software to these systems.
We'll see.
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