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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
If you buy the low-cost version with EC030 processor, you can exchange the CPU for a full 030 with MMU - you'll lose warranty, but you'd have an MMU. In case you have a spare 68030 CPU floating around, and you are a programmer in need of an MMU to run enforcer or other debugging tools, you can do the swap without soldering.

Users on the German forum convinced me that it's a bad idea to solder the CPUs. I figured it's better to have sockets on there rather than being lynched at the next meeting ;-)

I'm a bit confused...I read a post earlier that stated that both the A600 and 56MHz A1200 cards have a full '030 with MMU. Is this truly the case and the card your talking about above is the ACA 1230/28?
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