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Originally Posted by Cosmos View Post
With 600 or 700 euros, I'm sure he will give the source to Gulliver
And I'm sure he needs time (he said so), and money will make no difference.

Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
I don't see anything wrong with an author getting paid for his hard work. I don't know why it seems like some people think all software gets written out of goodwill.
I agree there is nothing wrong with an author making money from their work, but I think you've missed the point.

A) It was once commercial software, so therfore the author HAS been paid, and it was an AF exclusive, so he got paid again.

B) Unless I hear from the author that he requires funds for this to be released, I really don't think that he's at all concerned about money in relation to PFS3 in 2010, and it will make no difference in the end.

Sure, if you want to send him a donation to say thankyou, then go ahead, it's a nice gesture and if I had funds at the moment then I'd be inclined to chip in also. But if you think that money is going to magically make stuff happen, then you are dumber than the US congress. And will probably be dissapointed.
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