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Ports are worse. This is a general rule for me.

Pretty much all adventuregames are superior on DOS thanks to have been made for DOS, this means they were made for 256 colors and 320x200 resolution. When ported to 32 color 320x256 the graphics loose a lot of it's quality. However, Amiga often had better audio unless you can enable one of the superior soundfonts.

The same is often true the other way around, ports from the Amiga to PC that they didn't bother to redraw or update the music for tend to look like crap. Games like It Came From The Desert looks like crap.

Have to say though after watching a vid on youtube, Turrican 2 DOS looks pretty good and preserves the music from the Amiga version even if the helmet looks odd.

That said, there were features to some games that are better as a port simply because they made enhancements to the port. Eye of the Beholder looks worse on Amiga but contains the flavor text that was later used in Eye of the Beholder II, as well as featuring a real ending where the PC version kicks you to DOS.
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