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Blimey, that sounds great but doing it for a living where schedules are involved is a bit scary. The nearest I have come to programming is altering code on the old Spectrum computers to get passed the copy protection and save the game code, most of the instructions and assembler etc were provided. Actually writing your own code is way past me in any language

Good luck with the hobby side and finding the best solutions to the problems that come along. One of these days I will go back to the ELV Eprom programmer software that I have and complete the transformation from German to English language, the ASCII part was easy in hexedit but some of the menu routines come back with German options as in Ja for Yes, in other words press J when I would automatically press Y for yes, the No option is the same character (N) so that is a blessing.

Anyway that's something for me to play with at a later date
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