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Thanks for the feedback. It was not clear in my head and I guess it wasn't for lot of us (for example Fitzsteve thought that the indivision ECS was going to act more like a video card) To be honest (even if I own 2 indivision ECS, I thought the same : that maybe with a software update it would act more like a video card)

For people like me that already own an accelerator board the ACA630 is still interesting...there are + and -

-it seems less powerfull than the Appolo / Viper

+ it got more memory
+ doesn't rules out the pcmcia
+ silent

From what I've read a 68030+fpu is able to read mp3 (ok ok output is 8bits but it seems fast enough to start. ex amigaamp requierement is a 68030@50Mhz, Amiamp a 68020+) Of course I'm not talking about reading a mp3 like on a recente computer or to compete with an iPod nano, I'm not stupid it's all about geekery.

BTW It would have been cool to make an accelerator that kill the old ones.
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