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okay thanks

I'm a little lost. I have ordered & upgraded my order for the ACA630 30Mhz.
I also have the MTEC Viper 630 40Mhz (with 8MB installed).
I have some questions:

The viper sysinfo report : 7489 dhrystones 7.81 mips(@40Mhz)
The ACA630 sysinfo report : 5712 dhrystones 5.96 mips
From this report it seems that the Viper is fastest than the ACA630.

It appear that it's going to be possible to play doom in 256 colours with the ACA630.
It's impossible with the Viper 630. How it can be possible ?
Sysinfo doesn't report what will make doom faster with the ACA630 ?
When the port of Doom for ACA630 will be released ?

-There is no FPU on the ACA630, is it possible to play mp3 ?
-Will the ACA630 rules out the PCMCIA too ?

The ACA630 was designed to be cheap. First the price was raised to +60€ compared to the ACA1230 and now +100€ for the 30Mhz version. I wonder if this accelerator is really faster than the old boards. As said Jens, it will not act better under the workbench with the Indivsion ECS.

It would be cool to show us a video of what it is really capable compared to the others boards. I mean : to equald frequency the ACA is better than the old board because of re RAM access, but the final result compared to a 40Mhz board like the Viper ?


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