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Well it is compared to programs like Game Maker, which allow Drag N Drop programming, so thats easy enough for a 5 year old to make pac-man in a day, i could make a pac-man game in about an hour probably on Windows, wouldn't have a clue how to do it on the Amiga, possibly as i've been using Windows my entire life.

Amiga is harder in the terms that everything is on lame 880kb Floppy disks instead of a 660GB HDD, so i have to boot up a paint program, do sprites, close the paint program, boot up a coding program, realize i needed something else, then i have to boot up the other, just not as easy as a PC where you can have a paint program, plus your coding, plus audio making.

Guess you can see my point. A HDD on your Amiga prob makes things a lot easier mind you.
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