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There is no need to learn a new programming language. Here is a post from Rebel from last year's competition:

You don't need to have any programming knowledge to make decent games on an Amiga. Here are some useful links to help people get started:

Backbone - Easily build your own platform games and overhead multi-directional shooters.

The full Backbone game making package -
Final update for Backbone -
Free keyfile to unlock all Backbone's features -

GRaphic Adventure Creator and GRaphic Adventure Authoring Language - Create your own Point & Click Adventure games.

Full GRAC 2 package -
Extras for GRAC 2 -
Intro creator for GRAC 2 -
GRAAL 2.3 A -
GRAAL 2.3 B -
GRAAL 2.3 C -
GRAAL 2.3 D -

3D Game Creator - Create your own three dimensional game worlds.

3D Game Creator -

Some nice Christmas sprites to rip and use in your platform or horizontal shooter -
Some Christmas mod music to use in your game -
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