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Sorry to be a nuisance. But if i were to enter, would a Winter-themed game be accepted? My religion doesn't celebrate Christmas so it would be awkward for me if it was a rule.

Though some may not agree, i feel the more rules the better, it shows how people can work in different situations, possibly creating games they would have never have thought of, there are a lot of samey games out there.

In relation to Siggy's earlier post, i also agree that the more people getting into Amiga programming the better, Amiga games aren't something you see popping up nowadays, but if more people got into it, i'm sure we could see new game releases on a regular basis, if the community stays strong, they would have a reason to create games. No point making games if noones there to enjoy them, thats why its essential that we keep game development in mind.

Really its mutually beneficial, the more Amiga users there are, the more games that will be made, the more games that are made, the more Amiga users there will be.

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