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Thank you for the support you guys. And thank you, FOL, for keeping the site for me and hosting it again, I wasn't sure if the offer was still open.

You guys have convinced me that we should go ahead with the competition, but I want to start it today so we have 4 weeks this year instead of 2 weeks.

Do you think the rules from last year's competition should be the same again this year, or should we change it slightly? Remember it's unfair to force restrictions on art, sound or coding. The rules allow for people to code a game using ripped or downloaded graphics and music as long as they state where they got them from and don't claim they made them for themselves, and also artists are allowed to use a game-maker program like SEUCK or Backbone.

The restriction last year was simply that the game must run on classic Amigas, since those can be emulated by anyone even if they don't have the original hardware, where-as a game only for MorphOS or OS4 or Aros would be difficult for most people to play and give a rating to when they vote for the best games. The rule was that the game has to be Christmas-related in some way, which was a good way at the time to ensure people start a new game from scratch rather than enter something they had already made.

Does anyone have any ideas for a new theme? It would be nice to restrict it to a Christmas or Holiday related theme, but what else could we make a rule? For example some film-making competitions have a rule that a certain object must be in the film, like a paint can or something. Or a writing competition might require that the story is written from a certain person's perspective recalling the events of the story. What kind of theme or idea could we use as a rule in this game making competition?

I hope I haven't asked too much, I will still run the competition with the same rules as last year if we can't figure something out soon.
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