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The correct way to create screenshots with WinUAE
set your windows desktop resolution to 32bit color.. no we're not going to take 32bit color images.. but WinUAE doesn't display all the amiga's available color shades in other modes..

Amiga screen resolution: 640x512 windowed

Line mode: Doubled

Centering: Horizontal & Vertical enabled

ensure that Lo-Res is unticked!

when it comes time to take a screenshot hold down ALT while pressing the print screen key, this captures the current window and it's border into the clipboard.. now paste it into your favourite paint application, Photoshop!

you will want to cut the window border off before you resize the image.. cut it down to 640x512 pixels starting at the top left border.. you should make a script or 'action' for doing this..

when resizing always use Nearest Neighbor resize and never Bilinear or Bicubic!, ensure that the current size is 640x512 and halve it to 320x256.. why not just set the amiga's screen resolution to 320x256 in the first place, you say? well WinUAE still fails to properly display all gfx sprites at this resolution!

after resizing, convert the image to Indexed Color, photoshop will have counted the number of individual colors and hopefully come up with an exact color palette being less than 256 colors..

do not save as PNG, it is only supported by a few browsers and even IE5.5 doesn't display the format correctly! the colors are always too dark or ****ed up!

GIF is supported by ALL browsers and has no lossy compression what so ever.. it is a format optimized for 256colors or less..

I can make a quick hack at the WinUAE source and add support for taking screenshots.. if anyone is interested?
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