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Heretic Stats - For those who like this sort of thing!

OK, stumbled upon a version of Heretic while meandering through the last Amiga Format cover CD (sad demise of a great mag ) and thought I'd try some speed tests. All done with the A1200T setup below.

Version Screenmode c2p Lo-fps Hifps
WarpHeretic 320x256x8 cpu040 (1x1) 25 35
WarpHeretic 320x256x8 leony (2x1) 08 12
WarpHeretic 320x256x8 gd (1x1) 25 35
HereticHi040 320x256x8 cpu040 (1x1) 04 12
HereticHi060 320x256x8 cpu040 (1x1) 05 12

System: A1200T-603e 150Mhz 040/25 - 2+40Mb RAM - 2Gb HDD - OS3.9

Anybody getting better speeds? Perhaps with a better setup or c2p module?
Oddly, the 060 version worked fine with my 040 card..hmm..

BTW - forgot how much fun this game was
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