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The fire that never extinguishes (hello)

Hello eveyone,

I've sort of already introduced myself me in the asm code tutorial subforum, but here I am again.
I've used an A600 during the last good years of Commodore and since then from time to time I've installed an emulator, this means that somehow that hardware platform hit me, right? (example: never installed an MSDOS 2.0 emulator ^_^).

This time is not for playing with old games, but to learn MC68000 + custom chips ASM programming, if my spare time allows.
So far so good, it is an extremely interesting journey and I've already found prompt and valuable tech support around here, from people way more qualified for my total beginner's questions; if I check on who is answering my questions I sort of feel embarassed, like asking an F1 driver tips on how to release the clutch of a car

Anyway, enough with my babbling, let me go back to DevPac.

Nice to meet you all, hope to stick around for a while.

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