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- I have changed the topic of the thread as requested. (now it is "Amiga Emulation Nation news").
- I have removed the connection parameters of your ftp as requested.
- I have put one link to your website as requested.

What do you want more ??!!

If you speak about the quote that Iancharge has made about AEN, this text is available on the front page of your site !
You can not stop people to speak about news that you have post on the main page of AEN no ?
They have the right to speak about some news that you post on your site no ?!!

I don't understand why you are still complaining about that, it is normal that people speak about the lastest news, and it is normal to be criticized sometimes...
If you are not agree about some ideas that people have said, just answer them with your own opinion.
It is NOT my job to remove some messages from this board if you don't like them, do your own war, reply to them with a solid argumentation.

you are starting boring me with all those AEN requests which are NOT big issues for your FTP problems ...
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