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Ok finished, it appears that out of the floppies i have, these are the ones not uploaded.

CU Amiga 74, 78 and 92.

CU Amiga 74 has: Scala and Weird Science.

CU Amiga 78 has: Adorage, Task Force, Master Virus Killer

CU Amiga 92 has: Deluxe Paint V(5), RealTime Effects Generator Sample cartridge required, 3D Picture Maker and Tune of the Month.

When i can i'll upload these floppies if they really aren't on the EAB server.

While i can't be sure if they work entirely or not, i was able to insert the floppies after i had booted into WB, and i did open them up, but i didn't run any programs, they *appear* to be fine, but they may not be entirely working.

Had a jittery moment when i flicked the power switch on my Miggy power supply and nothing happened, then i realized it wasn't plugged into the mains.
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