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Some Coverdisks I Have.

Hey guys,

i think i have some Amiga Magazine disks (are they coverdisks?), and some of them aren't showing as being uploaded on the EAB file server, i've only checked the CoverDisks section on the file server under TOSEC, and was wondering if there were any other categories that coverdisks were listed under, as i wouldn't want to upload something that everyone already has access too.


Oh and on an off topic note, could someone tell me what '[a]' means after an Amiga file download? Theres a lot of them going around and they dont seem to work with my WINUAE setup, was just wondering what it meant. I also noticed a number of coverdisk downloads have like [a] then the same disk has [a2] and another [a3], just wondered what the difference was.
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